Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hop Frog Summary

         The story, Hop-Frog, is about a Court Jester who is a dwarf and also a cripple. This Court Jester’s name is Hop-Frog. He is the fool of a kind along with Hop-Frog’s best friend Trippetta. Hop-Frog and Trippetta act as slaves for the kind who has nicknamed him Hop-Frog due to hi deformity and the way that he walks.
            One day when Hop-Frog and Trippetta have been summoned to see the kind, the kind forces Hop-Frog to drink wine, even though Hop-Frog reacts harshly to it due to the fact that he is a dwarf. Trippetta bed the kind to stop forcing the wine on Hop-Frog and in response the kind throws a goblet of wine in her face. The kind and the seven members of his cabinet council ask Hop-Frog for help on the upcoming masquerade that is taking place. All of the men end up loving the idea to dress up in orangutan costumes. They want to scar their guests so they decide to wear tight fitted shirts and pants covered with tar and flax. When the men are dressed they were led into the ball of masqueraders soon after midnight.
            The guests are scared and shocked at the sight of the beasts. Many of the guests attempt to leave the masquerade but cannot do so because the doors have been locked.  Hop-Frog informs everyone that he can identify the culprits. When looking at the men, he holds his torch closely to one of the men’s faces, catching all eight men on fire. Hop-Frog and Trippetta then escape through a skylight in order to return to their home country and neither of them was seen again.


  1. It says "kind" several times in this. Is it supposed to say king? Also, is it scare instead of scar?

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